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Welcome to Future World of Work

Our Mission

Our objective is to help you maximise your potential and give you the tools to take the next step in your career. From scrubbing loos to directing companies, and everything in between.

Our Values

We believe in open and honest support. We promise to always give you relevant and pertinent advice. We'll always work with you and support you, whatever your needs.

Our Solution

We aim to work in partnership with you to help you find hidden talents and transferable skills. Using those skills, we'll give the tools to find the right job. We provide tailored support to maximise your potential.

How we can help...

Support advice and guidance to help maximise your potential.

Next steps

We'll guide you through your journey


Bespoke support and guidance


Positivity training for comfort and confidence

Your Journey

We know that job hunting can be like climbing a mountain. We've climbed the mountain, repeatedly. We know the pitfalls and how to succeed. We'll help you to re-discover transferable skills and train you to maximise your potential.


Whether it’s your first, next or last job, we can guide you. We’ve helped start businesses, get long term sick back to work, find jobs for housewives/husbands looking to regain employment and helped students find their first job.


Future World of Work was founded by people from all walks of life, with varied experiences and career levels. At some point, all of us have found ourselves out of work, seeking promotion or looking to start a business. It all involves a lot of hard work, but we can help you.
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